Dubai My Love – Day Tours has been nominated as a potential winner in Luxury Travel Guide 2017 awards.

13 January 2017
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Each year, the “Luxury Travel Guide” invites subscribers, hotel guests, travel agencies and industry experts throughout Africa & the Middle East to vote on holiday and tour operators they feel are deserving of recognition.

We are pleased to announce Dubai My Love – Day Tours has been nominated as a potential winner in our 2017 awards.

Celebrating & rewarding excellence, these awards recognize all options no matter of size or location. During the judging process our panel consider areas such as:

- Service Excellence;

- Local knowledge;

- Online visibility;

- Use of technology;

- Marketing & Branding;

- Cultural Understanding;

- Diversity;

- Communications skills;

- Disability provisions.

Additional information in regards to the awards can be found below:


Over the last 12 months we have invited and encouraged our readers to cast their votes on holiday and tour operators which they believe has excelled.


Sponsored by United Airlines, the Luxury Travel Guide Awards is an international awards program in recognition of all holiday and tour options from large operators to small independent guides.

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Our valued awards program gives a fair chance to all. Our research team will build a supporting file for all shortlisted participants.

Winners will be announced once the judging panel has made their initial decisions.